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Colorful Nahal Betzet National Park

This section of Nahal Betzet is incredibly beautiful, although it must once have been even more beautiful before much of the stream disappeared when its water was used for irrigation. However, pumped water is now introduced into a small part of the stream bed. Two hikes are described. One starts from the parking lot at Kibbutz Elon, descends to the spring and covers part of the stream bed. In terms of beauty, this hike is very adequate. The second starts from the parking lot at the Daniela Ruins close to Garanot Hagalil and goes along the stream bed to Kibbutz Elon. Hence, it also covers the area of the first hike. This is obviously a longer hike and you will need to figure out how to get back to your car.


Time: About 2½ hours.

Type of hike: There and back the same way.

Difficulty: Initially an easy paved path but with a significant incline down to the spring and then an easy footpath along the stream.

Directions: Enter “Elon” into Waze. Continue straight through the kibbutz until you come to the parking lot for the nahal. There is a café reasonably close to the parking lot, although it is only open at popular times. There are WC’s here. There is no park office or admission charge.


The pool at Nahal Betzet.


  • From the parking lot, continue down to the nahal.

  • On reaching the stream bed turn left towards the spring. You will soon come to a natural pool for swimming with a depth up to about an average adult male’s waist. You may wish to shorten the hike to this alone, but a longer hike is much recommended.

  • Now go in the other direction along the stream on the blue-marked trail in the direction of the sign Betzet Stream. It is recommended to continue along Nahal Betzak until it meets the dry river bed of Nahal Sharach. Depending on the season, this path can be extremely colorful because of the flowering oleander. 

  • Return to Kibbutz Elon the way you came.

Path to spring.jpeg
Betzet IV.jpeg

The path to the spring and pool of Nahal Betzet from Kibbutz Elon.

Map of Nahal Betzet National Park (from Amud Anan)

Trail along Nahal Betzet. To follow your location on your smart phone, click on and click on the black box with a cross at the top left of the map and it should change color to green. It is not necessary to download the free app unless you wish to.



Time: About 2½ hours.

Distance: 6 km.

Type of hike: One-way.

Difficulty: Slightly difficult.

Directions: Enter into Waze “ חרבת דנילה.” The turn-off to the ruins from Route 899 starts a very short distance to the east of the entrance to Granot HaGalil, on the other side of the road. There is a parking lot and picnic benches at the end of the turn-off.



  • Proceed along the blue-marked trail to the dry river bed of Nahal Sharakh. The entire route is a gradual descent and mainly shaded. The nahal bed is dry and without a lot of vegetation. There is some climbing over boulders in this section, although this is not difficult.

  • Shortly before meeting up with Nahal Betzet there are caves that can be explored. However, this is not permitted from November 1 to March 31 when the bats are hibernating. A sign advises entering with someone who is familiar with the cave. You will be using handholds in the cave.

  • On meeting Nahal Betzet the views are much prettier as there is dense foliage along the river bed. Depending on the season, this can be extremely colorful because of the oleander bushes.

  • After about an hour hiking along Nahal Betzet, you will come to the sign to Kibbutz Elon. From here, you can either continue a short distance along to the river bed to the pool or go directly up to the kibbutz.

  • Ascend the paved path. Go through the two gates. 300 meters from the last gate is a kiosk for hot and cold drinks, although this is only open at busy times.

You will now need to get back to your car. This should not be difficult. There is a factory near to the kiosk with some traffic. There are also hikers leaving who should be able to take you east along Route 899 to the entrance to Granot HaGalil, and if you are lucky even to the ruins. From the entrance to Granot HaGalil it is about 800 meters to the Daliyot ruins. As mentioned, there are picnic benches here.

Note that the The Keren Kayemet LeYisrael has prepared a very nice, well-marked, circular footpath to the ruins and back. These ruins are Roman, Byzantine and Mamluke and include a building for pressing olives. The trail starts at the parking lot and is red-marked. It takes about 20 minutes and is a distance of 0.7 Km.

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