Kfar Blum Kayaking

This is not white-water rafting. Just 1 to 2 hours of lazy floating going with the current on the Hazbani, Banias and then Jordan River in inflatable kayaks holding up to 2 or 6 people from adjacent to Kfar Blum. Be aware that children have to be 5 years or older. There is also a longer 2½-hour ride which is faster at the beginning and has coves and beaches to stop at. There are no rapids on either, except for one very small one at the end (which was actually put there to provide the experience).

The water is clean and shallow. There is also an activity park by the ticket office with a zip line into the water, ropes course, rock climbing wall and archery. Lockers are available. For the longer ride you take two buses. You can also rent a bike and drive along the river. Then kayak back.

Other kayaking facilities are HaGoshrim Kayaks from Kibbutz HaGoshrim. They offer a similar family route for 1-1½ hours and a challenging route without an instructor for 1¼ -2 hours. Their phone number is 077 996 9248 and this is their website. There is also Jordan River Rafting Attractions adjacent to Kibbutz Gadot for a standard ¾ to 1½-hour family trip. They also offer accompanied, much longer, challenging white-water rafting for groups. Their phone number is 072 372 6527. This is their website.



Directions:  Enter"Kfar Blum Kayaks" into Waze.

Admission: The site opens at 10.00 am and the last ride is at 4.00 pm. The activity park also closes at 4.00 pm, so do this first if you arrive late in the afternoon and are planning on doing both. The site is closed during the winter from 10th December to 1st April. The standard counter price is 97 nis per person, but special prices can be obtained by emailing kayaks@kbm.org.il. The activity park is an extra 35 nis per person. Their telephone is: 04 690-2616. This is their website.


Tayelet Ami

This is an 800-meter paved road that starts from adjacent to Kfar Blum and follows the Jordan River. It is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. There are planted bushes and flowers along the side of the path. Also, plaques with quotations about the River Jordan on the path. It is one-way so you turn back when you come to the main road. However, there is an easy footpath that continues further along the river, although it is not paved. Directions: Enter “טיילת עמי “ into Waze.