The Peace Vista

The Peace Vista is a several kilometer concrete path that offers wonderful views of Lake Kinneret and south of the lake.



Time: 1 hour there and back.

Distance: 3¾ Km there and back.

Type of walk: One-way there and back.

Difficulty: This is a very easy trail along a concrete path with no incline. It is stroller and wheelchair friendly.

Directions: Enter “מצפה לשלום” into Waze, and click on ”מצפה לשלום כפר חרוב.” This will bring you to a large parking lot. 

Facilities: There are WC’s, a kiosk for drinks and snacks, and a gift shop at the beginning of the path.

Peace vista.jpeg


  • Take the path from the roundabout to the lookout. There is a helpful recording in Hebrew and English explaining the significance of this site and the view you are seeing.


From here you can see the whole expanse of Lake Kinneret. Below you is Kibbutz Ein Gev. Across the lake you can make out the city of Tiberius. Mount Tabor is the highest mountain on your left. In the distance to your right can be seen Mount Meron and Mount Canaan in the Upper Galilee.


  • To enter the trail along the cliff, go around the gift shop on the gravel path. You will soon come to the concrete path. (For wheelchairs, there is an entrance to the path closer to the parking lot).


  • Continue along the path until you come to Mevo Hama. Retrace your steps back to the parking lot.