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The Jordan River for swimming, canoeing and hiking

The scenery along the Jordan River close to its southern exit from Lake Kinneret is exotically tropical. There are “beach” areas for swimming and camping by the river. Rob Roy offers canoeing. There is a lovely, short, easy, circular hike on a concrete path by the river that returns on a gravel path by agricultural land. You can also hike further along the river.



Time: About 1 hour.

Distance: Just under 3 Km.

Type of hike: Circular.

Difficulty: An easy hike along a concrete and then gravel path.

Directions: Enter “Yardenit” into Waze and park by the side of the main road by Yardenit.

Public transport: Yardenit is serviced by a bus stop close by. Enter "Yardenit" into Moovit.

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  • From the Yardenit parking lot, take the tiled pathway in the direction away from Lake Kinneret. After a very short distance take the first left onto a broad gravel path.

  • You will soon pass Rob Roy. You can enter the grounds even if you are not renting a canoe. Its theme is Red Indians, including a display of a wigwam. A kiosk sells cold drinks.

  • Continue on the concrete path by the side of the river. This is also a Schvil Yisrael trail. There are portable restrooms along the way. There are a number of "beaches" from where you can conveniently take a swim. There are no lifeguards, but the water is very calm. Where the concrete path forks at the beginning of the trail is a nice area. If this is crowded, try by the second bridge. Footwear is helpful for getting into the water, but not essential.  Once you are in the water, no footwear is needed as the water is quite deep in the middle of the river.


  • Continue along the concrete path until you come to a pumping station. Take the path on your right that passes by agricultural land. This path will lead you back to Rob Roy. The time and distance given are for this circular walk.


You can also continue along the path by the river. From the pumping station onwards, the vegetation is more natural and less exotic. Turn around at any time and return the way you came.


Rob Roy offers canoe rides that go southwards along the Jordan River to a dam. There and back takes about 1½ hours. Canoes can be attached to each other for different size groups. A canoe for a couple is 150 NIS, and for 2 canoes attached together holding 4 people with at least one occupant being less than 12 years old is 220 NIS. Their phone number is 052 241-3176. This is their website.

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River Jordan III.jpeg

There are beaches along the river that are convenient areas for swimming.

The Hike through Zionist history by Kibbutz Kinneret on page XXX starts from the same point as the hike described above. This is also a great hike and not that long - so why not do both?

Galita Chocolate Farm is located near the entrance to Kibbutz Degania Beit. Kids and adults can participate in a workshop making their own delicious creations. There is an adventure activity in the Chocolate Garden. Their chocolate products are available for sale. A movie is shown on the preparation of chocolate. Directions: Enter “Galita Chocolate Farm” into Waze and click on “Galita Chocolate Farm, 10, Degania Bet.” There is a charge per participant for the workshop. This needs to be booked in advance and can be done through their website. The chocolate farm is open on Saturday and holidays and therefore does not have a kashrut certificate. However, all the products and raw materials are Kosher Lemehadrin Halav Israel. Their phone number is 072 392-2340. This is their website.​ This is their website.


Yardenit Jordan River Baptismal Site is an alternative baptismal site to El Yehud, which is close to Jericho. It contains 12 baptismal pools, a riverside promenade, gift shop, restaurant, restrooms and showers. There is no charge for admission. White robes can be rented or purchased. Directions: Enter into Waze “Yardenit Baptismal Site.” Their phone number is 04 675-9111.​ This is their Website. 

The Museum in the Pioneers Courtyard at Degania Alef. The first kibbutz in Israel was formed in Degania Alef by settlers of the nearby moshava of Kinneret, except no one knew then what a kibbutz was. This museum tells the story of how it happened. The museum is open from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. at no charge, although there is a small charge to watch the movie. All the explanations are in Hebrew. In any case, there is probably a limited amount one can glean from a visit without a guide. A 1½-hour guided tour is offered for groups at a charge, and can be in English. The guided tour shows an authentic pioneer courtyard, provides a guided tour of the museum and shows the movie about the kibbutz’s beginnings. Their phone number is 04-660 8641.

Kinneret Courtyard has been restored and is next to Moshava Kinneret (note that Moshava Kinneret is a different place from Kinneret Kvutsa (also known as Kibbutz Kinneret). This was an agricultural and social laboratory for the Second Aliya (1904-1914) and formulated such ideas as kvutza (e.g. Degania), kibbutz and moshav. Key figures in the Labor Zionist Movement and Second Aliya attended its seminars. It has a permanent exhibit and tours in Hebrew. Call 04-670 9117 for times. Click here for its English website.

Hike along the Jordan River

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