Ganey Huga for kids

Ganei Huga in Emeq Hama’ayanot about 7 kilometers north-east of Beit She’an, is really a recreation of Gan HaShlosha (Sachne) for kids; since Gan Hashlosha is not really geared to small children. Like Gan HaShloshah it is very scenic with green laws, trees, and pools with flowing spring water.

This is, of course, one of the hottest locations in Israel during the summer, which probably means that you will spend most of your time here in the pools. There are 3 pools that are progressively shallower. The deepest pool is from 1.1 to 1.6 meter in depth, which is not that great for adult swimming. The bottoms of the pools are pebbly, but one can buy slip-ons from the store. The toddler pool is a delight with small slides, although only a limited area is covered. Other pools have a zip-line ride to the pool. The place is kept clean, and there are plenty of shaded picnic benches, and even hot showers. There may be lawn inflatables on certain days. A store sells drinks, snacks and other goods. Simple meals are available. They are not kosher supervised, but meat-milk separation etc., is maintained.


Admission is 46 nis per person, but check on current prices. Day entry is from 9.00 to 5.00 pm all days of the week. For campers the gates close at 10.00 pm and the admission price is until the next day.


You can bring tents to a designated camping area for 98 nis per guest. 240 v electricity hookup is available, and a fridge for tent. Yauks and air-conditioned tents are also available for rent. This rental does not include admission. See their website for pricing  



Their phone number is 04 658-1111 and email address This is their Hebrew website. 

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