Biblical experience for kids at Kfar Kedem

In Kfar Kedem in Moshav Hoshaya close to Tzippori children of all ages can transport themselves to Biblical and Mishnaic times by means of hands-on experiences while dressed in authentic period clothing.  Note, though, that this is not for families on a tight budget, although you will get your money's worth.

Different activities offered for all ages and for all weathers include riding a donkey through the Galilee hills, milking goats and making cheese, threshing wheat and griding it into flour to make pita, making wine (well, grape juice) when grapes are in season, making oil from olives in the autumn, and shearing sheep and spinning wool. The kids can also recline on cushions in the Nomad’s Tent and drink strong coffee, herbal teas and a pre-ordered meal.


Activities come in the form of packages lasting from 1½ to 2 to 2½ hours for 152 to 319 nis per person, including a meal. For less than 10 people there is a charge of 470 nis for a guide, but individuals can often be added to preexisting groups. There are also single activities, such as wheat to bread, wine press and olive press for 86 nis (grapes not included), and the donkey trail for 92 nis, but these are not encouraged.  It is expected that parents accompany their children (and pay) for all the activities. Check on current prices via their website and directly by phone.


Directions: Enter “Kfar Kedem” into Waze and click on “Kfar Kedem, Hoshaya, Israel”


Their phone number is 04 656-5511, email and this is their website. Their website has a page of short movies.

Making cheese.jpeg

Making goat's cheese.

Grinding wheat to flour.jpeg

Mill for grinding wheat.

The Nomad Tent.jpeg

The Nomad Tent for tea, coffee and meals.

Olive press.jpeg

 Press for making olive oil.