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Water hike at Ein Tina

Ein Tina or Ein Notera is a popular water-hike, especially for youth groups. The spring is called Ein Tina (Spring of the Figs) because of the water-loving fig trees by the spring. There are two paths to the waterfall, a blue-marked dry route and green-marked route along the stream. Most people ascend via the wet route, but you can either return along the stream or walk back along the dry route.



Time: About 1½ hours.

Distance: Almost 3 Km.

Type of hike: Same route there and back or circular.

Difficulty: There is no climbing in the stream but you will be walking over pebbles and slippery small and bigger rocks. It is advisable to wear some form of foot covering suitable for water. This hike is not suitable for very young children and they can be accompanied by an adult along the dry path. The dry path can be slightly difficult in a few places, especially on the descent, because loose soil makes it difficult to get traction. Walking sticks make this easier.

Directions: Enter “Ein Tina” into Waze and click on “Ein Tina Parking.”

Admission: There are no nearby picnic benches or restrooms.

Public transport: There is no close public transport.

Water hike at Ein Tina

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There is a 10-15 minute walk along a jeep trail from the parking lot to the confluence of the dry and wet routes. Where there are forks along this trail, follow the right fork that runs parallel to the fencing or just follow the crowds.


There is a pool at the beginning of the wet route. The water is never any deeper than adult knee deep. You finally arrive at a waterfall which is wonderful for getting wet. The water emerges from a pipe, since most of the water from the spring is used for irrigation.


Return either along the wet route or for variety along the dry path. There are nice views of the Hula Valley from this path. There are handrails along much of the route that make walking easier.

Hula Valley from Ein Tina
Ein Tina.jpeg

Hula Valley from Ein Tina

Ein Tina II.jpeg

Map of Ein Tina

To follow your location on your smart phone, click on Click on the black box with a cross at the top left of the map and it should change color to green. It is not necessary to download the app unless you wish to, although it's free.

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