The Mitzpe Gadot (Gadot Lookout) War Memorial

While on the short walk to this memorial, you will hear a recording in English or Hebrew explaining its significance and about the Syrian shelling of Israeli settlements in the Hula Valley below prior to the Six Day War. This relates particularly to Kibbutz Gadot.

This fortified Syrian position controlled the main road from the Galilee to the Golan and overlooked the Jordan and Hula Valleys. From 1948 until the Six Day War, the Syrians used to shell Israeli settlements in the valley below from there. Agricultural workers in the fields had to work behind tanks and children spent much of their time in shelters. The buildings of Kibbutz Godot, which are just below this position, were destroyed twice by shelling. On the second occasion, over a thousand shells were fired on the kibbutz. Only after the Six Day War and when the Golan was in Israeli hands were members of the kibbutz able to lead normal tranquil lives. Kibbutz Gadot is on the west side of the Jordan River and just a bit beyond the Beit Yaakov Bridge.



Time: About 30 minutes.

Distance: 3¾ Km there and back.

Type of walk: One-way there and back.

Difficulty: An easy trail along a concrete path. It is stroller and wheelchair friendly.

Directions: Enter “Mitzpe Gadot” into Waze. The parking lot is just beyond the turning from the road.

Memorial at M Gadot.jpeg
  • From the parking lot walk up the hill to the memorial. It is made of concrete and shaped like the entrance to a shelter.


  • ​Just beyond the memorial is a recording explaining the significance of this site.


  • Walk along the path to the far bunker for a good view of the valley below.

Bunker overlooking.jpeg

A Syrian bunker position from before the Six Day War.