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River walk in the Majrase Valley Nature Reserve

The Majrase or Betiya (Bathsaida) Valley Nature Reserve is located at the north-eastern tip of Lake Kinneret and it has a popular, short river walk in the Dalyiot Stream (the Majrase) at its delta and just before it enters Lake Kinneret. The walk is suitable for adults and somewhat older children. You return on a concrete path. It takes about ¾-hour there and back and is a fun activity, especially on a hot summer day. 



Time: About ¾-hour.

Type of walk: Circular.

Difficulty: The path through the stream is minimally difficult with some small boulders and lots of small rocks. Holding someone’s hand is a good way for keeping your balance, since you then have four legs! You will need appropriate shoes – not flip-ons. Something with a reasonable sole is appropriate. Old sneakers are fine. People seem to wear clothing rather than bathing wear.

Directions: Enter into Waze “Majrase” and click on “Majrase Nature Reserve.” This will bring you to the parking lot.

Admission: This is a site of the Israel Nature and Park Authority. Hours are 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Sunday to Thursday and Saturday, and 4.00 pm on Friday and holiday eves during the summer. It closes 1 hour earlier in winter. There is a gift shop by the parking area that sells hot and cold drinks and some supplies. The store will hold your valuables for a charge. There are lockers for rent, but this may not solve the problem of your car or locker key. The store does sell a small plastic waterproof bag that you can hang around your neck. There are WCs in which you can change, and also showers. Their phone number is 04 673-1851. This is their website.

Public transport: : Enter ““Majrase Nature Reserve” into Moovit. There are moderately frequent buses between Tiberias and Katzrin. The nearest bus stop is a 27-minute/2.2. Km walk from the Ma’ale Gamla Interchange.



  • Walk straight ahead from the parking lot and you will soon come to the stream. Its depth in the summer is initially just above the ankles, but it gets progressively deeper as you progress. Just before the end, the water level in the summer is a bit below the neck of an average adult male. Otherwise, for much of the way, it’s a bit above the waistline. It’s difficult for an adult to do any swimming and most of the time you will be walking.

  • At the first big sign, children (and adults too) can leave the water via stone steps if they wish, as the water level then becomes a bit deeper.


  • At the end of the river walk there are more stone steps for leaving the water. You return to your car via a concrete path. This path is also suitable for a stroller or wheelchair.

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