Daliyot Recreation Area, Daliyot and Bazelet Canyons  and Daliyot Waterfall for spectacular views

Daliyot Recreation Area is a small Keren Kayemet LeYisrael forest close to the junction of routes 869 and 808. The recreation area also functions as a large free camping area. A short, easy, family-friendly circular walk through the forest provides a spectacular view over the Daliyot Canyon. One can even identify the ancient city of Gamla. Highly recommended is to hike along the red-marked trail by the Daliyot and Bazalet Canyons. You can go as far as you like, all the way to Gamla Nature Reserve, especially if you have a second car waiting for you.



Time: 30 to 60 minutes.

Distance: 1.4 Km.

Type of walk: Circular.

Difficulty: An easy walk on a reasonably smooth dirt path that is suitable for a stroller.

Directions: Enter “Dalyot Parking Lot” into Waze. This will lead to the parking lot. There is a portable WC. Adjacent to the parking lot is a large shaded picnic area with picnic benches.

Canyon Dalyot.jpeg


  • Follow the Golan Trail with its green-blue-white markings and this will lead you to an area from where the Daliyot Wadi can be viewed.

  • To return to the car, turn right onto a red-marked trail and this will take you the short distance to the parking lot. This part of the trail to the parking lot is a bit rocky but is still easy going. However, if you have a stroller, take the path just before this which also goes directly to the parking lot.

  • (You can also take the continuation of the red trail on the other side of the path down the wadi in the direction of Gamla National Park - see below).


Highly recommended any time of the year is to hike along the red-marked trail from the Daliyot Recreation Area in the direction of Gamla National Park. It is mainly an easy flat footpath, although the descents and ascents to the Daliyot Canyons and even more so to the Bezalet Canyons are slightly difficult climbing on rocks.


From the parking area look straight ahead for a red marking on a rock and follow this footpath until you meet the green-blue-white trail. Cross this and follow the red-marked footpath. The descent to the Daliyot Canyon is only a short distance. You will need to cross the Daliyot Stream, but this is only a trickle of water in the spring and it is dry in the summer. After the ascent from the canyon, you may be able to see the waterfall if there is recent rain. You can continue as far as you like. The route by the Daliyot Canyon is spectacular. After about 50 minutes and before you descend to the Bazelet Canyon you will overlook the intersection of the Daliyot and Bezalet Canyons and the waterfall (if there is water). There is also a descent to the pool, but climb down with care. If you continue further for a total of about 75 minutes you will have a superb view of the Gamla Nature Reserve and the ancient city of Gamla. You can continue all the way to the park office of the Gamla Nature Reserve – although there is not much point in doing this other than to pay the admission fee (you have been in the nature reserve all this time).


Unless you have two cars, you will need to retrace your steps back to your car. It is 3.5 Km each way to the nature reserve, although you will probably elect not to go as far as this. Another alternative, which is about 15 minutes shorter, is to take the paved bus road to route 808 by the Gamla Reserve observation area. However, this route is not meant for pedestrians. Hence, walk with extreme care on this bus route. Then turn right onto route 808 and continue carefully on the shoulder of the road. Before the intersection with route 869 is a footpath with green-blue-white markings that will take you straight back to your car.

Dalyot Forest picnic area.jpeg

Daliyot Recreation Area parking and picnic area.

Dalyot canyon.jpeg

It is possible to make out the area of the ancient city of Gamla on the hill to the right of the midline.

Trail to the Bazelet Waterfall Overlook. To follow your location on your smart phone, click on https://israelhiking.osm.org.il/share/JmddxMwFoo.

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