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Family hike in Nahal Tsalmon

This is a lovely short family hike in Nahal Tsalmon on the border between the Upper and Lower Galilee. It is an easy hike. There is running water in the stream throughout the year, a shallow pool for getting wet, and gorgeous river foliage and Galilean scenery.


Time: Almost 1½ hours round trip.

Distance: 3.3 Km round trip.

Type of hike: There and back the same path.

Difficulty: Mainly easy, with a few short areas with easy climbing. There is very little shade.

Directions: Enter “Tsalmon Stream” into Waze and click on “גן לאומי נחל צלמון.” There is no entrance fee or park office. The parking lot is on the side of Route 804.

Tsalmon I.jpeg


  • From the parking lot, you can see the blue marker pointing in the direction of the wadi. Go down the stone steps.


  • At the first split in the path is a pool ahead of you. It is shallow, but OK for the kids to get wet in and cool off.


  • Eventually you will come to a deserted building. At this point, you can cross over the stream on a wooden box. However, there is not much point in doing this, since this is almost the end of the hike. If you do cross the stream, you will soon meet the main road, Route 804.

  • Turn around. Although you are retracing your steps, the views are quite different.

Tssalmon II.jpeg
Pool at Tsalmon.jpeg
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