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Petting zoo and boating at Agam Chai

The park Agam Chai in Kibbutz Yiron has a sizable zoo and a lake for boating, all set in lovely surroundings. The park also has a rehabilitative mission.



Directions: Enter “Yiron“ into Waze. Follow the signs when you get to the kibbutz.

Admission: The facility is open 10.00 am to 4.00 pm Sunday to Thursday, Friday 10.00 am to 2.00 pm and Saturday 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Admission is 50 NIS from age 2 years and above. A paddle boat is 50 NIS for 20 minutes and food for the animals is 10 NIS. The admission charge is discounted through their website. Their phone number is 04 686 8304. This is their Hebrew website.

Public transport: Enter “Yiron” into Moovit.  There are moderately frequent buses between Tel Hai and Gish and between Safed and Malkia.

Agam Chai lake

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Agam Chai is a fun place for kids. It has a zoo with caged reptiles, larger animals such as a camel, and peacocks roaming freely. The kids can ride on the ponies. Most of the exhibits have explanations, some in English. Boats can be rented, with up to 5 people per boat, but there is no swimming or wading in the lake. There is a shaded picnic area with picnic benches and a playground with swings and bouncy castle. A kiosk sells hot and cold drinks and snacks. However, older children needing action may get bored after a time.


This is a zoo with a mission. Many of the staff have disabilities or are youth at risk and their employment is designed to provide a rehabilitative experience. Many of the animals and birds are also disabled and the intent is to prepare them for the wild. The pelicans were shot by farmers, have only one wing and would be unable to survive outside the zoo. This mission is supported financially solely by admissions.

Camel in zoo at Agam Chai
White peacock in zoo at Afgam Chai
Tarantula in zoo at Agam Chai

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