About the Eastern Upper Galilee (the Galilee panhandle)

The Eastern Upper Galilee is a wonderful area for vacationing, and has many popular attractions and great hikes. It is also conveniently located for visiting the Golan Heights and western parts of the Upper and Lower Galilee.


The Galilee is a mountainous area that makes up much of northern Israel and that constitutes about a third of the country. It extends from the Mount Carmel-Mount Gilboa ridge in the south to the mountains of Lebanon in the north. The coastal plain, including Acre and Nahariya, is not included on this website, as it can be considered a separate vacation area. The eastern border of the Galilee is bounded by (and in some definitions includes) the Jordan Rift Valley, Lake Kinneret and the Galilee Panhandle. The latter includes the Hula Valley and the Ramot Naftali mountains. For convenience, I call this entire area north of Lake Kinneret the Eastern Upper Galilee.  I include in this section Rosh Pina and the ruins of Hazor and places adjoining the northern edge of Lake Kinneret. (Sites around Lake Kinneret other than around its northern aspect, including Tiberius, the Beit She’an Valley, the eastern part of the Jezreel Valley, the Gilboa Mountain range and the upper Jordan Rift Valley, can be found in the section "Lake Kinneret and Jordan Valley" on this website).


The southern part of the Eastern Upper Galilee southeast of Hazor does not seem as if it is in a valley, even though it is located in the Jordan Rift Valley. This is because volcanic larva flowed down from the Golan Heights and filled the Rift Valley up to to Lake Kinneret. This explains why the countryside around Korazim National Park looks very much like that of the Golan Heights, which also has an upper layer of the black volcanic rock basalt. This plug of basalt from the Golan Heights interfered with the drainage of the Jordan River and this created the Hulah Lake. This lake has since been drained because of mosquito-infestation, but a remnant of this lake can be seen in the Hula Nature Reserve.

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Suggestions for vacationing in the Eastern Upper Galilee


Hursat Tal is a wonderful park with a large lake for swimming and green grassy expanse for picnicking. Agamon Lake is a popular location for viewing birds and ducks and taking a ride on a buggy car. There are a number of places for renting kayaks and taking a leisurely float down the rivers. This includes Kfar Blum Kayaks, which also has a climbing park. Historic Rosh Pina is an enjoyable place to visit with an interesting history, and the adjoining Rosh Pina stream is a beautiful area for a short hike with springs in which the kids can play. Tel Dan has everything – beautiful springs, paths, and Biblical history. Ayun Stream is a very nice hike with a number of waterfalls in all seasons. Snir Stream is a great circular hike that includes walking in shallow water. To cool down in the summer, the water walk in the Majrase is a lot of fun. The Scenic Jordan trail is a pleasant and easy walk. For Biblical history, Hazor should be high on your list of places to visit.