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Hurshat Tal for swimming and picnicking

Hurshat Tal is a very beautiful, popular park in the northern part of the Hula Valley close to Kiryat Shmona with green lawns even in the middle of summer and a large lake. The swimming in the lake is suitable for all ages. The lawns are extensive and have shaded picnic benches set among Mount Tabor oaks.

Two deep parts of the lake are sectioned off. There is also a wading area for children. The water temperature is 12 degrees C (55 degrees F) all year round. There are lifeguards on duty. Children can play in the shallow stream that comes off from the lake and which is a branch of the Dan River. The stream bed is a bit slippery without footwear. There are WCs in the park and a store that sells hot and cold drinks and other supplies. You are permitted to barbecue on the lawn. There is wheelchair accessibility from the parking lot. There are cabins and bungalows for rent.

The 240 oak trees in the park are some of the largest in Israel. They survived because the forest was regarded as a holy site by the Muslims.

Stream at Hurshat tal.jpeg


Directions: Enter “Hurshat Tal National Park” into Waze.

AdmissionThe park is administered by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. There is an admission charge. There is reduced admission for Israel Nature and Parks Authority subscription holders, but it is not entirely free. Admission hours: During the summer 8.00 am to 5.00 pm including Saturday, Friday 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. The park closes an hour earlier during the winter. The phone number is 04 694-2440. This is their website.

Public transport: "Hurshat Tal National Park" into Moovit. There is a moderately frequent bus service between Dafna and Tel Hai that stops at HaGushim Intersection, an 800-meter/10-minute walk to the park.

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