The delightful Eden Spring Park

Eden Spring Park is a delightful park 4 Km south of Katzrin and off Route 87 that has flowing water, several pools and some small waterfalls. None of the pools are deep enough for swimming, although one can wade in the water. There is green grass but no picnicking or bathroom facilities. Explore the park walking along the stream and pools. This park is not for solitude as it is small and can get crowded.

The water source in this park is from the Salukia Spring close by. Most of its water is channeled to the mineral water company Eden Springs (May Eden), but some flows south of the springs to this park. Eden Springs exports its bottled water to many countries. Between the trees you can see the ruins of an abandoned Syrian village.


Directions: Enter “Eden Springs” into Waze. This will bring you to the parking lot outside the park.

Admission: There is no admission charge. The gates are closed at night.

  • Enter through the gate and continue straight ahead until you come to the first two pools. For further pools continue walking up the non-paved trail adjacent to the stream and this will bring you in a circle back to the main path.

Eden Spring II.jpeg
Eden spring.jpeg